Thoughts on Approaches to Digital Art

Before signing up for the Digital Approaches to Fine Arts course, I had very little background knowledge of what digital arts actually meant. When I think of digital art, the first thing that comes to mind is a very modern, contemporary approach to art. I thought of it as any type of art that was created or edited through the use of technology. I thought of photography and animation as the main types of digital art, and had a somewhat limited understanding of what else the very broad field contained.
After researching further into the world of digital arts, I discovered that it includes so much more than my previous understanding. For example, installations, interactive art, 3D models created through digital sculpting, and virtual environments are just some of the other types of works included in this fascinating medium. From what I have seen, digital art covers a very large spectrum and is open to loads of possibilities for artists, and I am very excited to find out more about those possibilities through this digital arts course this semester.

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